From Start to Finish – Tips for Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s fast-paced world, newspaper ads and billboards are no longer an effective means of marketing and promoting your brand, products, or services. Without any second thoughts, Digital Marketing has indeed become a necessity for all the businesses out there. Consequently, selecting and further crafting the right strategies shall make you and your business walk towards the ultimate path of success. When we talk about digital marketing, there are a lot of options that usually come to our mind; however, figuring out where to start from can at times prove to be stressful. So, it’s time to discuss a few tips corresponding to creating a Digital Marketing Strategy from scratch that will be comprehensive in all aspects and help you immensely in accomplishing your specific business goals.

1. Figure out what you want to Accomplish

In your digital marketing strategy, there is a need to start by figuring out what you would want your campaign to accomplish. Are you looking forward to building brand name recognition, generating qualified leads, getting more sales or email subscribers? The answer to this may vary from one business to another, but you need to name it. Always remember that your business goals do matter, due to which, you should put in sincere efforts to accomplish each one.

2. Pay Due Attention to the Digital Sales Funnel

The sales funnel in digital marketing is a crucial concept that you require to grasp before crafting your digital marketing strategy. It consists of various steps that buyers usually go through to reach the point of purchasing and becoming long-term customers. These steps or stages typically include the following:

  • Discovery – People get to hear or know about your brand and its offerings for the very first time.
  • Research or Consideration – After you establish your brand name recognition, people usually look forward to learning more about your services and products.
  • Purchase – People are willing to buy your products, thereby becoming your customers.
  • Loyalty – Customers may become loyal to your brand and may eventually develop a long-term relationship with your business.

It is a matter of fact that yes – the people who are at the discovery stage are not going to respond similarly to your brand as compared to the customers who are at the loyalty stage. They all shall interact with your brand and its business in entirely different ways, as a result of which, you need to customize your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

3. Create Specific Buyer Personas

For creating an efficient digital marketing strategy, it is imperative to understand who your target audience is and what motivates them. It is undoubtedly a critical step as it will help you in evaluating the marketing channels where you can find your potential customers, how they are interacting with those channels, and what they are expecting from your brand. Additionally, it is essential to make a point of the fact that your buyer personas should be specific and based on adequate research. You can make the most out of analytics tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights and Google Analytics for the same.

4. Use Specific Guidelines and Tactics to Accomplish your Goals

Now that you have got your marketing mix and you are well aware of how your target audience is going to react, it’s time to come up with specific tactics that shall help you in accomplishing your end goals. Such tactics may include the following aspects:

  • Incorporating lead generation widgets or lead magnets in your blog posts and placing a CTA at the end of each post to stay in touch.
  • Using Influencer Marketing to share an influencer’s content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to name a few for increasing brand awareness and online visibility.
  • Requesting users to submit reviews on Google business for improving scores of your local SEO.
  • Encouraging testimonials along with email plugins, which you can then place on your website.

Again, remember that specificity holds the utmost importance here. Determine the specific steps that you are going to implement for accomplishing your business goals.

5. Go Ahead with Personalization and Automation

As you develop Digital Marketing Campaigns and start running them, you need to discover new ways of making your campaigns as effective, attractive, and impactful as possible. For achieving the same, there are two terrific ways, namely, more personalization and more automation – and in most of the cases, these two may overlap as well. At times, the most relevant and seemingly personalized marketing messages that your target audience is looking forward to shall be delivered as a consequence of their specific actions only. It includes ads based on retargeting for showing users the products they viewed on your business website or email autoresponders that show users products similar to their search history. For building long-term relations with users, it is highly advisable to implement personalization, audience segmentation, and automation wherever possible. It will, without any doubt, take your digital marketing strategy to a completely different level as the audience will get the relevant message as per their needs and requirements, that too, at the right moment.

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