Exploring the Top Video Conferencing Tools and Free Software for Businesses

Video Conferencing Tools

In today’s technologically advanced era, remote working has been a growing trend for quite a while now across the globe. Moreover, in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, this trend has suddenly transformed into a worldwide obligation. Consequently, video conferencing apps have entered our day-to-day lives and have become our new and safe places to meet the people around us. Every business firm or organization out there needs different features and functionalities to maintain and manage their work remotely while the ongoing pandemic is spreading recklessly. It is indeed brilliant for us that we are getting to face this virus in the present digital age as now; we have a lot of options corresponding to holding productive remote meetings. Hence, there is a dire need for every business and Digital Marketing Agency to know all the alternatives and pick the one that suits their requirements among all the top video conferencing tools.

1. Zoom

Zoom is hands down one of the widely-known video conferencing apps used by people all around the world. Without any second thoughts, the app is ideal for any person indulged in remote working as it offers a convenient setup and interface. You can proactively arrange all your crucial meetings on Zoom within a few minutes and then quickly create a link to share the same efficiently with all your participants. With Zoom, you can stay connected with your team members, no matter where you are with remote working. There are multiple plans for different purposes, varying from personal level meetings to the ones among large businesses and enterprises. If you decide to sign up for free, then you can host a maximum of 100 participants on group meetings. Additionally, there is not any time limit set for one to one meetings. However, if you are working for a larger business, then it would be beneficial for you to go ahead with choosing the best plan at a minimal cost and experience way more exceptional opportunities and features.

2. Skype

Without any doubt, Skype is one of the most effective tools for video conferencing. As a product of Microsoft, the app has a plethora of exclusive features. It offers a convenient way to video chat from any device and enables people to indulge in personal conversations or small group meetings. With Skype, it is possible to record the video call during the video chat and share your screen or location as well. If you are looking forward to having an interactive group meeting with your small team at no cost, then Skype is a terrific option and better than Zoom and other alternatives. If you wish to arrange a video conference with more participants, then you can conveniently upgrade your profile for Business on Skype at a low monthly fee. It enables a video call with up to 250 participants while implementing pretty stronger security options.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another robust video conferencing platform that supports both voice and video conferencing for up to 250 participants per call. By selecting the best plan as per your demands and business requirements, you can also upgrade your profile on Google Hangouts. It offers an exceedingly convenient way of joining a meeting with other participants. As Google uses a global network to secure your information and safeguard your privacy, you can extract benefits from the safety features and built-in protection in Google Hangouts, where video calls are encrypted in transit.

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a premium video conferencing platform with various benefits and exclusive features. All that you require doing is keep your expectations high, and you’ll never end up getting disappointed. It has multiple plans, and the free package incorporates much more than the standard features. It allows you to hold HD video meetings with multiple different features, like screen sharing or private chat rooms. With one GB cloud storage available within the platform, you can keep your folders safe online and record your meetings as well. You can hold meetings for up to 100 participants and have unlimited meetings of infinite length. Cisco Webex is user-friendly for every other device, and you can use its official website on your desktop or the mobile app on your smartphone.

5. Whereby

When it comes to medium-sized teams, Whereby is undoubtedly the best solution for video conferencing. It is a flexible tool and provides the facility of video conferencing in the browser, and the participants can join your video meeting with a click. It implies that there is no need for any PIN codes, downloads, or registration procedures for the guests. Personal users can use it for free and hold video calls with one host in a single meeting room. However, if you require multiple admins or more meeting rooms for video meetings, then there are various other attractive plans appropriate for your business as well.

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