Efficient Tips & Tactics for Getting Great Online Customer Reviews

Every successful marketer out there knows one thing for sure – word-of-mouth marketing wins over everything when it comes to generating new business. When your potential customers hear the perceptions of people who have already done business with you, it influences their decision-making in a way regular marketing could never.

Online customer reviews have become the new word of mouth in today’s digital era. Most online users look for customer reviews, learn from them, and quite often, they base their buying decisions on them. While positive reviews about a company’s offerings spread quickly and boost sales, negative reviews can suppress the sales and cause a brand or business to take a step back.

Kindly note that great customer reviews aren’t only about having your offerings (products and services) in the market and hoping for the best results. There are specific tips and tactics as well (mentioned below) that you can use to ensure that your customers are satisfied and willing to leave a positive and remarkable review for others to see.

1.Try to Get Reviews on Different Platforms

The first and foremost step in getting great reviews lies in making it as convenient as possible for people to leave them. Remember, the more effort it requires from an individual to leave a comment, the less likely would he be to dedicate the time to leave the review you want. In the present highly competitive business environment, social media platforms and third-party review websites prove to be the hub for getting the good word out about your company and its offerings. The best and most effective ones include Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Recommendations, Instagram, Manta, YouTube (create compelling videos and ask for reviews underneath them), Google (with the help of the Google My Business feature), Better Business Bureau (for businesses based out of the United States, Mexico, or Canada), and Yelp (claim or add your brand or business to start getting brilliant reviews).

Depending on the industry you are in, there are various niche review sites and platforms as well that may be effective for attracting great customer reviews. For instance, in the travel industry, there is Trip Advisor, and for the brands and businesses involved in the hospitality industry, there is Four Square. The key to success on all these platforms is pretty simple, i.e., asking for reviews courteously.

2. Use Your Business Website to the Extreme

Your business website shall always be a brilliant tool for getting terrific customer reviews. In this aspect, all you need to do is optimize all the web pages and blog posts on your website, thereby allowing the users or visitors to leave comments at ease and quickly. Additionally, you must make your website mobile-friendly and provide a clear path to all your social media handles.

If you own an e-commerce business website, you may consider adding a live chat option at the checkout to receive customers’ feedback instantly. Doing the same shall help you provide more customer value by reducing the response time and enhancing your customer service.

3. Ask for Reviews in Your Emails

If inbound marketing is a crucial part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy, you can obtain reviews using emails as well. You can send a short email to customers asking for their feedback or review after they make a purchase. Doing the same shall help you obtain honest reviews as people would feel that you are interacting with them on a one-on-one level. It shall also enable you to make the necessary adjustments if you observe a negative pattern in the reviews received.

If you don’t feel like asking for a review straight away, you can consider adding a link to an online survey. Without any doubt, surveys and polls are easy to set up, which, in turn, help in analyzing the data efficiently. By conducting an online survey, you can collect useful information provided by your customers and utilize it well to know more about them.

4. Consider Adding Incentives to the Review Process

If you believe that you aren’t getting the number or type of reviews you would want to have for your brand or business – you may consider rewarding your customers by incentivizing the review process. People across the globe believe that their time is precious, so give them a reason to leave a review for your business. Incentives such as gift cards, coupons, discounts, and contests shall help you encourage people and may even drive your sales when the same set of people come back to you and shop again.

5. Ask for Reviews at the Right Time

What shall help you get more out of the review process and enhance your customer service at the same time is asking for reviews at the right time. Remember, timing, in this scenario, plays an integral role, be it on social media platforms, your business website, or emails. You would never want to get on someone’s nerve at the wrong time and end up having a negative review from them that everyone would see.

The best possible times to ask for a review include:

  • After a customer interacts well with your brand or business;
  • After a customer re-orders a product;
  • When a customer tags you or your business on social media;
  • When a customer spends a reasonable amount of time browsing your business website; and
  • When a customer refers new customers to your brand or business.

All in all, the goal is to reach out to the customers when they are completely satisfied to ensure that they pass the same feeling along in their review.