COVID-19 Crisis – Learning How to Prepare your Business and Retain Clients


Without any second thoughts, 2020 will become a crucial part of history as it is proving to be exceedingly challenging for citizens across the globe. We all are going through weeks of self-isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis. As responsible citizens, we need to take all the precautions mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO), which include social distancing, working from home, and refraining ourselves from gathering in large groups. As a result of all this, brands and businesses out there are experiencing the unprecedented shaky ground, which, in turn, is making them more anxious and uncertain. It is a matter of fact that yes – the government authorities across different nations are looking for solutions to avoid a collapse in the world economy. Moreover, many business companies and organizations are also cutting on their marketing budgets and seeking economic opportunities to continue providing their services and products to the masses. However, it is imperative to know and understand that a decrease in marketing activities is only a short-term solution with some serious long-term consequences.

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the evolution of the digital market worldwide by rapidly changing the way of consumption. Companies that have understood the same are preparing to satisfy this demand and have already taken the lead. They have begun streamlining their operations, and customers, on the other hand, are also looking way more carefully at their respective budgets for making a purchase decision. The customers at this point don’t desire to lose money and are investing in products or services from companies they can trust completely. Short-term survival deserves attention, but thriving in the long-term requires brands and businesses to review their digital transformation plans and then increase their digital infrastructure.

Business owners need to realize that visibility in the market is integral to maintaining profitability at the time of a global crisis. Therefore, the focus should entirely be on enhancing and further expanding the Digital Marketing Strategy for accommodating the present landscape and transforming the primary source of lead generation and conversion.

The prime advantage of Digital Marketing is that it is measurable in all aspects, even while providing the required social distancing capabilities. Hence, it is the perfect time to revisit your official business website, ensure than it is well-presented, and have a closer look at all your social media accounts and search engine rankings. Remember, it is crucial to work with the utmost intelligence and face future challenges firsthand. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few tips using which you can have your digital marketing operation handle the COVID-19 crisis and all other disruptions proactively.

1. Nurture your Relations with Loyal Customers

Retaining your already existing customers is always cheaper than acquiring new ones. As a business owner, you can effectively create and further intensify communication networks with your active customers. Additionally, you can begin prioritizing contextualized and personalized messages to your already existing customers who are indeed eagerly waiting to receive updates from your brand. It is, without any doubt, a brilliant idea to stay in touch with your customers via social media platforms, website content, and search engines. So, come up with a robust plan to reach out to your customers, make the most out of the online tools to know what your customers are saying, and learn more about your market.

2. Invest Time and Effort in Digital and Social Media

As a result of the immense restrictions caused by the COVID-19 crisis, customer exposure to traditional media has become almost non-existent. On the other side, customers have started dedicating their massive time to digital and social media networks. Users who were yet to engage in online shopping have started knowing the multiple aspects of services that can solve many of their requirements remotely. Hence, businesses that are consistently exposing their brands online shall experience the most success. For achieving online visibility and directing visitors to your official website, brand awareness should be on top of your priority list. Besides, you can also consider using inexpensive techniques and online tools to make your brand visible to your target audience and potential customers.

3. Prioritize Engagement and Conversion Objectives

It is arduous to deny the fact that the best KPI for a marketing action is the conversion. What matters the most is the return generated from all your communication effort. There is a dire need for your business to execute high-impact and low-cost digital marketing techniques holding the immense potential to optimize the conversion rate. Keeping an eye on the engagement rate on social media platforms is essential. Remember, engagement is all about the interaction, relationship, and involvement that users have with your brand. It is always worth engaging your customers in tough times to establish more transparency and trust. Failing to track the conversions and engagement level shall prove to an obstacle in your overall digital marketing strategy. By having a well-maintained online presence, you need to rethink your objectives, contribute processes, and make changes accordingly.

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